Steps On Creating A Video Plan

In this article we are going to explain the easiest way to create a video plan to help you make videos long term! Let’s dive into STEP 1!

STEP 1: Research Top Content & Follow Relative Creators/Businesses

The internet is the most powerful tool. USE IT. There are millions of videos out there and the data is NOT HIDDEN. Find the top creators or businesses within your niche and follow them, watch their content & try to notice which videos are getting the best engagement

Duplicate what works but put your own spin on things and don’t be scared to get a little creative and weird! 

STEP 2: Categorize Different Types Of Content!

This is going to be different for every business but just to give some examples (Education, Motivation & Entertainment) are typically the 3 ways to keep watchers engaged. So let’s break this down further and use Restaurants as an example.

For Education you can split it into

  • Recipe Videos (Filming the process and ingredients in each dish)
  • Explain the health benefits of specific ingredients.
  • Educate the customer on where and how you source your ingredients

For Entertainment

  • Engage with your customers with Trivia
  • Start a podcast talking about food!
  • Engage with your customers asking them their favorite dishes
  • Mimic Trends!

So above are 7 categories where you can now start breaking up short 10-30 second video ideas! You should be able to come up with at least 10 pieces of content for each category in a few hours & then BOOM! You have 70 video ideas. Motivation might be a trick type of content for restaurants so we will skip this one!

STEP 3: Review Content Ideas With SOMEONE/ANYONE

This is very straightforward. Collaborating with some of your employees, manager and even customers is a great way to find out which ideas they feel like are the best ideas this way you know where to START!

Do NOT overthink creating content. Having a plan is great but without action it’s just a plan. The more content you post the faster you’re going to figure out the types of content your viewers are enjoying watching the most. So get started and stop waiting.

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